Property Market Expectations - Next 3 Years

Property Market Expectations 2015 – 2016 - 2017 

Two very well respected economic forecasters:

BIS Shrapnel, who have been pretty right in their forecasts over the last 20 years and QBE's Australian Housing Outlook 2014, which always provides an unbiased view of housing markets. 

Have just published their property market replica fendi handbags expectations for Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the next 3 years.  

The highlights are: swiss replica watches

-          Brisbane to outperform other capital cities over the next 3 years (Brisbane 17%, Sydney        9%, Melbourne 5%)

-          The median price of a Brisbane house will increase to $550,000 by 2017

-          Brisbane growth in 2015 will be 7.4%, in 2016 7.5%, and 1.3% in 2017

-          Gold Coast growth over the next 3 years will be 15%. 

Although the forecast does not say so, the factors most likely to cap the growth will be rising interest rates (I've seen expectations of rates around 7.5% in 2016) and over-supply (approvals are showing big increases so supply of developed stock is likely to exceed demand).