Who we are

For the past 10 years Australian Mobile Property Managers (AMPM) has been specialising in residential property management on the Gold Coast.

It’s personal.  Investment Property owners deal direct with the principal licensee.  You have direct access to the  person that  owns  the business. The person whose own livelihood is dependent on providing you with the best possible service. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that what is possibly one of the biggest investments you will make in your entire life is being looked after by a mature professional.

We come to you !  We will meet you anywhere, anytime, seven days a week. We understand that people have jobs, families and any number of commitments to deal with on a day to day basis. We will fit in with  your  schedule. Not try and fit you into ours !

We are mobile.  We don’t have expensive offices or shopfronts to fund. We run extremely lean which means we have low overheads and that allows us to pass on the savings to you.

We charge a flat rate without any hidden admin charges or commissions.

  • NO re-lease fee. We do not charge to sign an existing tenant up to a new lease.
  • NO commission is taken on contractor invoices. All maintenance and emergency work done is charged back to you at cost.
  • NO commission is taken on annual Smoke Alarm and Pool compliance checks.
  • We do not charge for advertising when looking for a new tenant.
  • We do not charge for End of Financial Year statements.
  • We do not charge extra to disburse funds on a half monthly basis.
  • We do not charge extra to invoice tenants for water consumption.
  • We do not charge sundry fees.
  • We do not have a monthly postage fee.

Note: We charge the industry standard Let fee each time we find a new tenant and we have a one off charge for a court appearance if required.

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Return on investment

Our goal is to help owners achieve the highest possible return on their investment.

  • One of the ways of achieving that is by keeping the number of days a property is empty to an absolute minimum.

We start advertising 1 – 2 weeks before a tenant is due to move out with the aim to secure a new tenant before the existing one has even left. We average between 5 - 7 groups through each open for inspection but often let the property before the first open for inspection is even held. We are acutely aware that every day your property is empty is costing you money. Our mobility and availability allows us to show your property to prospective tenants before work or after work. We are not restricted to weekend “opens” and that’s why we often let the property before the first open is even held. Our policy is to let the www.prettybags.ru property to the first high quality application that we receive. We process every application as it comes in and present the quality ones to you for approval as soon as possible. In the past twelve months we have a vacancy rate on average of under 7 days.

  • Another way to maximise return on investment is to keep tenants from getting behind in their rent.
  • One of the secrets to minimising tenants getting into arrears is to match the correct tenant to the correct property in the first place. If the rent is too high a percentage of their available income they can be overstretched and as soon as an unexpected large expense comes in, the rent is the first thing that they stop paying. Although our aim is to let every property as soon as possible we will not rush in without doing the proper due diligence.

    • Setting the rent at the correct level is critical when trying to maximise your return.

    If it is set too high it will be harder to let and consequently be empty for longer which costs you money but setting it too low means that you get less money every single week. We have the experience, systems and technology in place to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our property managers are trained on how to assess the market and set the rent at the correct level. When it’s time to renew the lease they are also trained on how to negotiate the maximum possible rent increase without the risk of losing a good tenant.


    We believe that communication is critical to www.myhandbag.ru success for any business but especially in property management.

    Under the AMPM model you have the principle licensee’s mobile phone number and email address. They are available to you 24/7. He or She knows you and knows your property. Are there any better lines of communication than that ?

    We keep you informed every step of the way. Except in the case of an emergency we will never spend any money on a property without first getting the owners approval. A complete report including digital photos is provided after each routine inspection. Owners are sent a quarterly newsletter keeping them up to date with market trends and other property investment information.

    Why the AMPM model works

    It’s simple. Property management that is personal, convenient and cost effective.

    The four pillars of the AMPM model: www.iwcwatchblog.com

    • 1. Owners deal direct with the Principal Licensee.
    • 2. The number of Owners that any Principal Licensee can work for is capped at a manageable level.
    • 3. We come to you. We are mobile and available.
    • 4. We charge a flat rate with no hidden charges or commissions.

    As an investment property owner

    • Are you tired of having to re-educate a new property manager every 6 or 12 months ?
    • Are you tired of getting charged extra for things that should be included as standard ?
    • Do you think you should get a discount if you have multiple properties with the same manager ?

    If your answer to any or all of these questions is “Yes” then you should give us a call today.

    Did you know you can change management easily? We can take care of it all for you.


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